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World Cup 2022: A winning alliance with RTBF

For this new edition of the World Cup in Qatar, Dreamwall was entrusted with creating a virtual set for RTBF. We used our expertise to contribute to this major event, offering virtual camera flyovers of stadiums, portal windows, and teleportation, all broadcasted live daily from 3 PM to 10:30 PM.

A bespoke set

If you take a closer look at every detail, you'll discover that the set of the show was actually a rooftop terrace overlooking the city of Doha, Qatar. There were several lighting moods to create a sense of time and atmosphere for the show: daytime, evening, and night.A virtual camera was used to transition from the studio to the stadiums, providing a view of the 8 stadiums in the Doha environment. For this purpose, both the city and the 8 stadiums were modeled.


General Info

Distribution date
Du 20 Novembre au 18 Décembre 2022
Type of project / Format
daily broadcast
Producer / Director / Distributor
RTBF - Sport

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