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In a few words

Bobby and Bill is a 3D animated television series created by Philippe Vidal and has been broadcasted on France 3 since January 23, 2016. It follows the animated television series from 2005, titled "Boule et Bill."


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General Info

Synopsis / Project summary

Bobby & Bill is the endearing story of a special trio: Bobby, a young boy, Bill, his Cocker Spaniel and Caroline, his skateboarding tortoise. The three buddies are inseparable, and together they go on crazy and fun adventures. With his cheeky and unusual pets by his side, Bobby can do anything! Well, almost

Distribution date
Type of project / Format
3D Animated series - 104x10'
Producer / Director / Distributor
Dargaud Media - Belvision - Ellipsanime Productions - RTBF/ Philippe Vidal/ Mediatoon Distribution

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