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Dreamwall is specialized in creating animated content in all types of technologies (2D, 3D, hybrid). The "multitechnological" approach, whether in the professional tools used (2D, 3D, etc.) or in the production tracking tools that the studio can integrate with (Shotgrid, Kitsu, etc.), has placed agility at the heart of its identity.

List of related solutions

Our related Projects

Technological aspects

  • Toon Boom Harmony, 15 years of expertise throughout the entire production process, from rigging to compositing, including cut out / traditional animation, fully, partially or totally tradigital.
  • Toonboom Storyboard Pro, the number 1 software for storyboarding.
  • Moho, cut out animation.
  • Autodesk Maya, 3D.
  • Unreal.