• Video mapping

6000 m² to travel through history

For the first time, Dreamwall participated in the creation of one of the largest immersive experiences ever imagined at the City of History in Paris. Our artists worked on not one, but two projects simultaneously, for more than a year.

A large-scale project.

  1. An interactive timeline.

    * 400 historical dates

    * 26 interactive kiosks

    * 15 historical periods 

  2. Ellipse 360°

    * An unprecedented show on Victor Hugo

    * 700 m² of screen surface

    * A 25 minutes show

    * 360° immersive experience


  • DLE citehistoire2
  • DLE citehistoire3
  • DLE citehistoire

General Info

Synopsis / Project summary

Dreamwall has implemented two impressive projects, which were carried out by a team of 15 artists.

The first project is a giant, interactive, and digital timeline that allows visitors to discover 400 major dates in world history, while the second project is a unique immersive experience that transports viewers into the life of Victor Hugo through a 360° video mapping in an elliptical setting.

These projects demonstrate Dreamwall's exceptional expertise in creating immersive and interactive experiences.

Distribution date
Type of project / Format
360° Projection - Mapping
Producer / Director / Distributor
Amaclio Production
They're talking about it…

CNEWS (02/03/2023)


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