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2022, a year placed under the sign of the Lion

The project consisted of bringing a 3D lion in augmented reality during the opening ceremony of the Africa Cup of Nations, created by Leap Creative Studio in January 2022.

Origin & Context

Over the course of 15 years, the project imagined by Creative Leap has undoubtedly become one of the top 10 AR projects around the world. Dreamwall created magic and excitement among the audience, as reflected in the countless social media reactions which can be seen in this TikTok video. Newspapers also reflected the feeling of pride among the Cameroonian population. Since the lion appeared on the stadium roof, it has been named "The Lion of Olembe".

We brought all the necessary equipment on site to create a mobile AR production studio, weighing 400kg.

Due to the health restrictions, no technical visit was possible. Therefore, we created the lion's movement animation based on a 3D digital twin of the stadium. Our workflow requires precise measurements to achieve a seamless integration of the AR element in the real environment. A tiny difference in degrees can result in several meters of discrepancy in the display of AR. The key here is perfect precision. The 3D stadium was the only option for us to achieve a perfect rendering.


Development & Challenges

  • Distance between virtual lion and real camera (over 100m): precision
  • Position of the lion on top of the roof, behind the led boarding and behind the goal.
  • Set design: path taken by singers and dancers
  • Size of the virtual lion: 16x6m
  • Shadow cast by the stadium
  • Weather conditions to be adapted (sunny, cloudy, stadium orientation, sunlight hour, etc.)
  • Only one rehearsal
  • No electricity on site on the first day

Solutions & equipment used

  • 2 Ampere hardware Zero Density
  • 2 PTZ Panasonic cameras
  • Technical partnership with NoTélé.

General Info

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Live Event - Augmented Reality
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Partenaires : Leap Creative Studio

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