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An occasion to celebrate

The Bourlingueur's Journals, this iconic show of RTBF presented by Philippe Lambillon, has ended after 30 years of broadcasts and 500 episodes. On January 1, 2021, a special episode was aired to celebrate the show's grand anniversary.

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Synopsis / Project summary

If this show usually invites viewers to travel and discover new places, the health context in that year still prevented major travels. For the occasion, three sets were created: the jungle, the savannah, and an oasis. Additionally, hyper-realistic 3D animals were added to the sets.

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Awards + Nominations
  • At the 'Broadcast Production Awards' which are presented as part of the NAB Show, this program stood out in the 'Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Design' category by winning the 1st prize in the 'Entertainment' sub-category in 2021.
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