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The lives of two nine-year-old twins, Jade and Mica, change completely when they are entrusted with three young Marsupilamis: the adorable Hope, the cheerful Twister, and the rebellious Punch. These three adorable bundles of energy with strong personalities have only one desire: to explore the fascinating city that surrounds them. However, our three Marsupilamis must remain hidden at all costs to escape the covetousness of Jaguar and Captain Stan! Jade and Mica will do everything they can to protect their friends. Together, they will experience adventures packed with comedy, action, and emotion!

General Info

Distribution date
Type of project / Format
Animated series / 52 x 11'
Producer / Director / Distributor
Ellipse Animation (Dupuis Edition & Audiovisuel) - Belvision / Célestine Plays / Mediatoon Distribution

© Dupuis Edition & Audiovisuel – Belvision

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