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Dreamwall coordinates and produces 104 draw evenings per year for both RTBF and La Loterie Nationale.

In 2020, Dreamwall was entrusted with the mission of recording and coordinating the Euromillions draw evenings in the control rooms of RTBF in Brussels. These services were carried out every Tuesday and Friday by a well-seasoned team with no less than 15 years of experience.

When the Covid-19 pandemic emerged in March, Dreamwall was asked to develop a solution to relocate its recordings to secure the control rooms. In just a few weeks, our teams adapted the protocol for the drawing nights in our Marcinelle studios. The first recordings were thus able to take place under optimal technical and sanitary conditions in April 2020.

A remote solution was set up for the supervisors of La Loterie Nationale via Zoom, as well as for the Dutch-speaking speakers thanks to Quicklink. As for the French-speaking camera presentations, they were shot in our Green Key studio.

Since then, our production methods have evolved: the studio has become more compact and our teams have been optimized to three people: a technician, a director, and a sound engineer. The French and Dutch speakers still record from their homes, as do the supervisors of the Lottery who watch the content of the drawing nights via a Vimeo broadcast and participate in online meetings on Teams.

A typical evening takes place between 8:00 PM and 10:30 PM: connection tests are carried out under supervision; the signals are received and transmitted to us by the RTBF via the Française d’Images Studio based in Paris, which owns the machines and ensures the realization of the drawing. Dreamwall's job is to format this capture with channel branding, to which the voices of the French and Dutch speakers are added. Once validated, these programs will be broadcast respectively on La Une RTBF and VRT Één. A summary of the results is also recorded in both languages in the form of a table automatically completed by reports validated by bailiffs. The evening ends with this final operation.

This collaboration with RTBF and La Loterie Nationale allows Dreamwall's teams to operate 104 evenings a year in our Marcinelle studios for the past 4 years.


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