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The Red Turtle

DreamWall hosted the film's compositing team and the director, but was also involved in various capacities in the decor teams, animation assistantship, and animation. The film won the Special Jury Prize "Un Certain Regard" at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016 and the Annie Award "Best Animated Feature - Independent" in 2017. It was also nominated for the 2017 Oscars.

Tortue Rouge

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General Info

Synopsis / Project summary

A man washes up on a deserted tropical island. Alone, he must learn to survive with only nature to rely on, which isn't always welcoming, with his only companions being birds and mischievous little crabs. However, as he tries to escape on his makeshift raft, he encounters a mysterious turtle emerging from the water. His life will never be the same again.

Distribution date
Type of project / Format
Feature Film, 80'
Producer / Director / Distributor
Michael Dudok de Wit
Awards + Nominations
  • Prix Un Certain Regard, 2016
    Festival de cannes official selection logo

Studio Ghibli, Wild Bunch, Why Not Productions

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