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Versailles Unleashed is a story of a unique friendship between two extraordinary animals at the court of Versailles. Belfort is a young spaniel and King Louis XIV’s favorite dog. Lupin is his friend, a wolf who harkens from the gardens. At first glance, they are totally different. But neither they can stand the rules dictated by court etiquette which would like to prohibit them from being friends, exploring the palace and the groves, and helping those who need it. Dogs, cats, cavalry horses, exotic birds, mice, or even the elephant of the world’s first menagerie… Animals abound at Versailles! And their little problems are not lacking! Because the worries of the human world create an unsuspected mess in the lives of our animal friends…

Do not panic! Belfort and Lupin come to the aid of the animal world of Versailles!

General Info

Type of project / Format
Animated series - 26 x 22′ - 3D rendered CGI
Producer / Director / Distributor
Ellipsanime Productions – Belvision / Philippe Vidal / Mediatoon Distribution

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