Wednesday, October 18th will be etched in the memories of Belgian television thanks to the event "70 ans ensemble" (70 years together). This date marked a turning point in the history of RTBF, and Dreamwall played a leading role in this remarkable achievement.

The event, orchestrated by the team of "Quel Temps pour la Planète?" (a daily show produced by Dreamwall since March 2013), offered an unprecedented television experience.

The 5x5 meter stage was equipped with 4 remotely operated cameras and 1 mobile camera, aerial views from a drone incorporating augmented reality elements, such as weather maps and a timeline of major Belgian climate events from the past 70 years. All this technology was managed by an environmentally friendly control room of RTBF, powered by impressive solar panels (190x90x135).

But that's not all. The setup was powered by a solar trailer from RTBF, which contributed to making this event a model of sustainability. The control room, located less than 30 meters from the stage, operated autonomously with minimal electricity consumption, equivalent to that of a simple refrigerator. This feat was made possible through the technological expertise of RTBF in collaboration with the teams of Dreamwall for the integration of virtual elements in the show.

This collaboration has paved the way for a more environmentally friendly future while delivering quality programming to viewers.