Dreamwall aims to develop its activities by integrating a sustainability and environmental respect strategy. 

The Wallimage GREEN FILM Wallonia initiative supports this objective. The actions implemented so far revolve around the 3Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle, as well as short circuiting. For about a year now, Dreamwall has been integrating them into a company strategy axis. The first objective was to carry out an audit by a third party. 

This first step was completed during the last quarter of 2021. Dreamwall will now move on to the second stage: the establishment of a genuine sustainable development plan, complete with a timeline and priorities for actions with an impact. All while continuing what has already been put in place and communicating it to the teams.


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The mobility plan is closely linked to project management on-site or remote. A significant portion of the teams work remotely on a regular basis. Specific tools enabling remote work have been developed by our IT team. Structural remote work has been implemented using the "telework" tool based on project requirements in balance with artist needs. On-site work is necessary when technical requirements and equipment prevent remote work.

Olivier Auquier is the artistic director for animation at Dreamwall, and he also serves as the Green Manager. He was chosen for this role because he was already involved in the sustainability actions that the company has implemented in recent years, and he also expressed a strong desire to actively engage in this effort. As the Green Manager, he is responsible for overseeing the company's sustainability strategy and ensuring that it is effectively implemented throughout the organization.

Dreamwall wants to take its sustainability efforts further and has set up a "Green" task force to focus initially on waste management and energy audits. Dreamwall is a committed and responsible company that is attentive to the environment and wants to integrate sustainable strategies into its activities.