Imagine a captivating historical fresco that spans centuries, from the majestic construction of Notre-Dame de Paris to the present day. This is precisely the story of "La Dame de Pierre" (The Lady of Stone), a show created by Corentin Stemler that promises to dazzle you.

Drawing upon our Mapping expertise, we were called upon to dress the backdrop of the stage for this ambitious project, the result of several years of hard work by Production Symphonia and its numerous participants from all walks of life.

With an impressive 10-meter set, including a balcony, we have produced around twenty minutes of captivating animations that depict the history of the legendary Cathedral, creating an unforgettable visual experience for the audience.

The Grand Premiere will take place on June 30th in Paris, with a tour starting in October 2023.


  • DMW LDDP 001
  • DMW LDDP 002
  • DMW LDDP 003