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In a few words

The real life of an 8-year-old! Parents, a grandfather, and a little girlfriend make up a colorful gallery of characters around an 8-year-old hero full of personality. School, romantic mishaps, and the relationships among three generations living under the same roof punctuate Cédric's life, making this joyful family series a classic of its kind.


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General Info

Synopsis / Project summary

Cédric Dupont, an impulsive 8-year-old boy, sees his life take a turn when Chen, a little Chinese girl he falls in love with, arrives at school. Under the guidance of his grandpa and best friend Christian, he will try to win her heart and also improve his grades to please his parents, especially his father. For him, any means are good to ridicule Nicolas d'Aulnay des Charentes du Ventou, his sworn enemy who is always trying to impress Chen.

Distribution date
From 2001 to 2007
Type of project / Format
2D Animated serie 156x13'
Producer / Director / Distributor
Dupuis Audiovisuel - France 3 - RTBF - Araneo - Canal J/Franck Bourgeron - Moran Caouissin - Dominique Debar/Mediatoon Distribution

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