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Dreaming the Election, Achieving Innovation: The Visual Odyssey of Dreamwall since 2007

Since 2007, Dreamwall has specialized in the visual production of European, regional, federal, provincial, municipal, and legislative election nights. With expertise in data processing and virtual environments, we provide dynamic augmented reality content (2D and 3D), ensuring immersive real-time broadcasting.


For the French presidential elections in 2017, the Elysée Palace was virtually modeled and the results were displayed in real-time, marking a first for our partner Zero Density and their tool "Reality," which was its debut project broadcast live. It was an attractive and compelling television experience.

During the 2019 Thaï elections, Dreamwall collaborated with Thaï Premium News Channel and developed new techniques to deliver lifelike visual effects, including 'teleportation,' which integrates one or more guests into a fully virtual environment, as well as evolving lighting effects representing the passage of a day; a set that darkens and transitions from day to night.

For the European parliamentary elections, the city of Brussels was highlighted through a virtual flyover of its institutions, entirely recreated to mirror reality. The virtual camera swept over the city's heights, eventually arriving in the actual room where the results were being announced.



Trust in Dreamwall means choosing a high quality of information processing and image treatment that maximizes impact on viewers. With the ability to create complete virtual extensions of a set, video walls, animated and real-time modifiable graphics in various formats (circular, linear, curved, etc.), as well as shape and color modifications, Dreamwall offers full customization according to specific needs.

Our 17 years of expertise in election night visuals have allowed us to work with SNRT Morocco, the European Parliament, France Télévisions, RTL, and RTBF on multiple occasions.

Dreamwall's DNA is rooted in constant innovation, and we will soon be introducing drones for breathtaking aerial footage!

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