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The Europa League success, for the love of sport.

Started in 2018, the production of Europa League broadcasts has continuously grown in strength. The result of a collaboration between RTBF and Dreamwall, it is undoubtedly a contract of trust that scores points.

In summary,

Since September 2018, the Europa League shooting nights have amounted to:

  • 5 seasons, 
  • 80 broadcasts (2018 - 2023),
  • 16 people in studio & control room,
  • 12 people in editorial & content creation,
  • 2 people in production Nights from 6:30 pm to midnight.

And it's especially the first live sports show from our virtual studios.

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From virtual to content service 

Producing a show like the Europa League means pushing the boundaries of what's possible, offering a unique experience to viewers. For this, virtual tools have more than ever their place in the initial brainstorming sessions of what will become a reference and a high-level sports appointment.

To achieve this, Dreamwall immersed itself in the storytelling set up by the production team, considering the pre-match briefing, halftime analysis, post-match debriefing, and highlight moments. Dreamwall has countless ideas to highlight all of these aspects.

The creative department collaborated with the technical team to produce dynamic content such as team line-ups, club presentation cards, geolocation maps featuring logos and stadium names.

Not to mention the virtual Kicker (Foosball), a true 3D representation of tactical devices enabling real-time analysis with player movement, pushing the boundaries of content even further.

More than just a set, a benchmark

This close collaboration with RTBF has also allowed us to develop a virtual set that meets the standards and graphic charter imposed by UEFA for broadcasting. Colors, shapes, and production intentions led our teams to design a surprising and expansive set, with sleek lines worthy of such a competition.

Combining real furniture (table and platform), the first version from 2018, with its orange tones, underwent a makeover upon the arrival of the Conference League for the 2021-2024 season, incorporating green as its identity. This graphic choice distinguishes between the two competitions that alternate throughout the season. Dreamwall then adapted a second set and the possibility of mixing both within the same broadcast.

In 2022, NewscastStudio awarded Dreamwall an Honorable Mention in the "Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Design" category alongside the Special Edition of "Quel Temps! - Floods," another Dreamwall production and a grand winner.


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General Info

Synopsis / Project summary

Resulting from a collaboration between Dreamwall and RTBF, the live broadcasts of the UEFA Europa and Conference League have been filmed in our virtual studios since 2018 and are currently in their 5th season.

Distribution date
SEPTEMBER 2018 - JUNE 2023
Type of project / Format
Producer / Director / Distributor
Awards + Nominations
  • Broadcast Production Awards (2021)


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