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In a few words

Léonard is a French 3D animated television series consisting of 78 episodes, each lasting 8 minutes. It is adapted from the comic book of the same name by Bob de Groot and Turk. The series was first aired on December 25, 2009, on Canal J and later re-broadcast on Gulli.


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General Info

Synopsis / Project summary

The wackiest inventor of all time! Dr Contraptus comes up with the craziest of ideas and concepts every day. His clumsy and lazy sidekick, Basil, has the unfortunate task of testing out all of Contraptus’ creations. Each new contraption brings a new adventure, fun and many minor mishaps.

Distribution date
Type of project / Format
3D Animated series 78x8'
Producer / Director / Distributor
Ellipse Animation - Gulli - Canal J - Araneo/Philippe Vidal/Mediatoon Distribution

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